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Painting journeys

On all painting journeys sufficient material is available!
A sketch-pad and pencils has always to be brought!

run by Martin Ludwig
Dear afficionates of the art of painting,

during the last few years there were many interesting meetings with all kinds of persons who discovered painting as their personal hobby.

Experiences already collected in the past could be even intensified during the offered paint tours. At the end of April a guided paint group travelled to the the Spanish island of Mallorca to Cala Radjada-situated in the East. In June we visited San

Travel dates

Painting on the "Island above the wind" Journey to Tobago dated January 24th to February 07th 2010! Taking part in our painting journey you will not face a "common" holiday. The Carribbean Sea - regarded on its own - is already a special event, however, new dimensions of travelling can be discovered when seen with the eyes of a painter.