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Vita Martin Ludwig

Martin Ludwig
Born 14.02.1962
4 sons
Self-employed painter with his own studio „Gallery Ambience“ since 1987
In 1989 opening of a second gallery in Kulmbach.
In 1995 Martin Ludwig became famous for his well-known motifs of the
Toscanian landscape which were published as art prints by himself as well
as in copyright.
Further exhibitions in Germany and abroad even brought him to New
York/Art Expo and Floridanapolis/ Brasil.
Decorative wall paintings in public buildings and private houses – all of them
exclusive and unique specimen of its kind - broadened his sphere of activity

The painter in private:

Martin Ludwig already fell for painting in his early childhood.
Both courses and studies in the Caribbean Sea area and South America and
his sensitivity for nature and colours shaped his own style in painting.
He just cannot be fixed on a certain theme or art of painting, but loves
artistic variety. Martin seeks his artistic inspiration in any new challenge, in
his experimental approach to form and colours, and in his general openness
towards the artistic world.
Of course, he sets priorities to certain artistic themes and techniques in his
- The art of aquarelle painting with Indian ink – especially for architectural
- The art of acryl painting for landscapes, flowers as well as abstract motifs
and people.
- The art of pastel painting for landscapes.
- The art of painting with pencil and charcoal for portraits and nudes.